Scan. Order. Enjoy.

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Here you can quickly find an answer to the most frequently asked questions.

How does a QR menu work?

Customers sit down at a table and scan the QR code. From there, they will view your menu and offerings and choose their desired items. After adding the items to their basket, they click order and wait for the server to deliver. Once they are finished, they call the bill through the bill page and choose a payment option.

Are orders possible through the app?

YES! Once customers scan the QR code they can directly send the order to the bar or kitchen!

What kind of establishments does it support?

OrderThis works with all types of horeca establishments, including but not limited to; hotels, beach/pool bars, cafes, and restaurants.

How will staff be notified of new orders?

Tables that have new incoming orders will be highlighted in orange. There is also a sound cue that helps the staff hear new incoming orders. 

How do I get started?

We will set up a meet to familiarize ourselves with your needs. After that, your full finalized menu will be needed to be transcribed online, and finally all that is left is to discuss implementation options. 

Are updates readily available?

YES! You will be able to access all new features as they go live!

Is there support?

In case of an issue with your menu or hardware we will be available to help sort it out. Most issues can be resolved remotely, in situations when there is a bigger issue we will come down to the establishment.