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Cafés or Bars and QR

Cafes and bars require high energy and intensity to keep up with customers. With OrderThis you will be able to serve your guests to the fullest! With our app they can surf through your menu and make quick and easy orders. OrderThis drastically speeds up the ordering process and decreases the number of ordering mistakes/mix-ups. Create the menu according to your preferred style and structure it as you wish!

In such a fast-paced environment it is important to stay in control of the situation. Let OrderThis keep you organized and running smoothly! 


QR codes

With the OrderThis app, you will receive your own QR codes. These can be placed on the tables in your restaurant. Each table has a unique QR code. When your guests scan the QR code on their smartphones, they are automatically redirected to OrderThis. So your guests don’t need to download an app.

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