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Hotels and QR

We offer more extensive solutions for hotels, as they can include room service, beach/pool bar, and a featured restaurant. Whether you would like to use it only for room service or even all three, we are here for you!

OrderThis is a great way to speed up the ordering process and keep you organized all the time! Furthermore, you can include various activities from your hotel, such as massages, tours, outdoor activities, and anything else you offer! This will give your guests a better well-rounded stay as they can explore their various options all from one place.


QR codes

With the OrderThis app, you will receive your own QR codes. These can be placed on the tables in your restaurant, inside rooms, or even at your beach/pool bar. Each table has a unique QR code. When your guests scan the QR code on their smartphones they are automatically redirected to OrderThis, so there is no need to download an app.