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Improve all your services and increase your efficiency. OrderThis is your all-around helper! Use it for room service, pool/beach bars, and restaurants!

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Show off your finest dishes with a premium digital menu! Reduce costs and ordering mistakes AND increase your guest satisfaction and revenue at the same time!

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Cafés & Bars


Create a digital menu that suits your style. Implement your identity and make your customers feel at home! Increase your staff efficiency and enjoy all the benefits of OrderThis!

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About OrderThis

Why you need a digital menu!

The first benefit you get with a QR menu is eliminating the costs of printing, but did you know it can also increase your revenue? With a QR menu your guests have easier access to your menu and they can browse freely. This option of having the menu on their smartphone inclines them to make more orders, with an estimated 20% increase in revenue AND table turnover for your establishment. OrderThis helps keep your staff and operations running smoothly. Digital menus can be easily implemented in many establishments, most commonly hotels, restaurants, bars/coffee houses.

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We are an IT company that believes in simplicity by providing quality solutions for horeca businesses. No complicated procedures and no hidden costs. We just do and deliver what we promise.


Creating a digital menu has never been easier! Due to the flexibility of our menu it can be used in all types of horeca establishments, you can easily change/edit the menu as much as you want, you will have multiple languages available, and so much more!


Your savings start instantly! By eliminating the need to print and re-print menus for tiny errors, you can now simply edit everything in the back office of OrderThis. The order feature of our app also reduces the number of ordering mistakes, saving precious time and inventory!


OrderThis increases your staff’s efficiency by speeding up the ordering process, eliminating the need to approach and re-approach tables for simple orders. This saves precious time for the staff and increases your table turnover as guests can place orders without having to chase down the waiters.

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